Chapter 10

Attraction Marketing

Many of the most successful network marketers today who utilize the Internet have the “attraction” model at the center of everything they do online. Whether they are posting something to their blog, tweeting a message on Twitter, or updating their Facebook wall, every action is meant to attract and influence potential business partners and customers.

My good friend Ann Sieg boils attraction marketing down to two words: teaching sells. Ann first learned of the concept by accident when she went to see a speaker demonstrate at a health awareness seminar. The seminar was basically an educational class that showed people how to improve their health and their diet without buying anything.

The presenter first talked about the body’s different systems and how they worked; then she gave a visual demonstration of how the digestive system works, using a nylon stocking to represent the human colon.

Ann describes the presenter getting “geared up” in her apron and latex gloves and then beginning to stuff food from the average American diet into the nylon, which represented the large intestine. First went a hamburger, next french fries, then a can’s worth of chili, a jelly doughnut, 12 ounces of Coca-Cola, and finally a milkshake. Right away, the nylon stocking became clogged as the food stuck together. To move the food to the bottom of the nylon, the presenter had to work hard, kneading the food down the nylon with her hands.

Needless to say, the demonstration ...

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