Appendix H

Interview/Opportunity Preparation Checklist

Preparation for an Interview

box Research the company.
  • Go to the company's website.
    • Read the section labeled “About Us/Get to Know Us/Careers.”
    • Read recent press releases to learn about current events in the company and industry.
    • Review the remaining pages for greater situational awareness.
  • Do a web search for relevant information/news/opinions about the company.
  • Learn as much as you can about the company's culture, customers, and business offerings. The best way to learn this is by interviewing employees or others that are closely connected to the company or industry—perhaps even customers of that company.
    • Products and brands.
    • Top-selling products.
    • Relevant market and industry news.
    • Customers and target markets.
    • Competitors and how the company of interest distinguishes itself from them.
box Generate a list of thoughtful questions you might ask the interviewer.
box Practice answering potential interview questions prior to the interview.
box Find out the name(s) of your interviewer and how to pronounce it correctly.
Obtain the specific ...

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