Appendix J

Women's Interview Attire and Grooming Checklist

The key to appropriate interview attire is to keep things simple. Do not wear anything that may distract the interviewer. Your appearance should be professional and tasteful, yet completely unremarkable.


Box Hair should be short or tied back.
Box Invest in a solid-color, conservative suit with coordinated blouse in a pastel or other simple color. Wool or a wool blend is a good choice. A skirt or pantsuit is fine—choose something you're comfortable in. If you wear a skirt, it should be knee-length.
Box Wear a good pair of polished dress shoes with a closed toe and back. They should have a two-inch heel at most.
Box Wear a belt that is in good shape and free of scratches.
Box Wear tan or light hosiery (pack an extra pair just in case you have a run or snag).
Box Keep jewelry simple and classic; no dangly earrings or multiple necklaces or bracelets. ...

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