Appendix M

List of Common Threats, Resources, and Lessons Learned to Consider While Planning Your Career

Common Threats

1. You
2. Your virtual signature
3. OPSEC and recruiters
4. Flatness and civilian clothes
5. Language and general knowledge
6. Civilian misperceptions and stereotypes
7. Resumes
8. Applicant tracking system (ATS)
9. Interviews

Common Resources

1. Standard veterans' benefits (Refer to Appendix K.)
2. Military leadership training
3. Reserve military service
4. Networking (LinkedIn and RallyPoint)
5. Mentors
6. Coaches
7. Recruiters

General Lessons Learned

1. Research the company and the opportunity.
2. Consider timing, including the transition date and the standard hiring timelines.
3. Play the field, and seek multiple opportunities.
4. Establish career progression so your resume demonstrates a logical advancement sequence.

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