Chapter 10

Working with Excel

In This Chapter

arrow Using NaturallySpeaking with spreadsheets

arrow Working in Quick Edit or Full mode

arrow Using your cursor with spreadsheets

Earlier chapters explain what NaturallySpeaking offers to word-oriented people, but what about number-oriented people, people who have a lot of data to enter, to keep track of, and to process? Left-brainers, unite!

NaturallySpeaking enables you to work with spreadsheets (not available in the Home edition). In Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium and higher, you can use Full Text Control, Menu Tracking, and Natural Language Commands for Excel 2010 and 2013.

In this chapter, I cover the use of Naturally Speaking with spreadsheets. I also show you how to work in the Quick Edit and Full Edit mode.

Doing Excel-lent Works with Spreadsheets

Using spreadsheets with older versions of NaturallySpeaking was difficult because you couldn’t directly address the names of the cells. You wanted to say something like, “Cell A5” or “Select Column C.” But (sigh), no dice. Your assistant had no idea what you were talking about. Well, your assistant has “up-leveled” its skills!

You now can select a cell and go right to it. After you know how to move ...

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