Chapter 12

Sending and Receiving E-Mail

In This Chapter

arrow Using Outlook to send e-mails

arrow Dictating e-mail messages

arrow Making appointments with the Outlook calendar

arrow Creating notes in Outlook

arrow E-mailing with Thunderbird

arrow Interacting with Gmail

Using NaturallySpeaking to command your e-mail application is an effective way to be more productive. Nuance has made e-mail sending a priority. Several voice commands help you get things done faster. Programs like Outlook work with some Natural Language Commands. They’re easy to learn and well supported.

This chapter delves into four e-mail programs: Outlook,, Thunderbird, and Gmail. If your preferred e-mail program isn’t on my list, it may work with some common commands. Try them. Now, just dive right in and start e-communicating, the NaturallySpeaking way!

Creating and Managing E-Mails

As you contemplate using NaturallySpeaking to send ...

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