Chapter 15

Controlling Your Desktop and Windows by Voice

In This Chapter

arrow Running applications by name

arrow Opening files and folders by name

arrow Switching from one window to another

arrow Talking to your mouse

arrow Dealing with dialog boxes

People have been talking to their operating systems since the very early days of computing, but most of what they’ve been saying is not repeatable in public. Using voice recognition software, though, you can talk to your operating system and have it do something in response: run an application, switch to another window, move the mouse pointer, or choose a command from a menu.

You probably are used to controlling Windows’s windows and applications through the keyboard and/or the mouse. You can easily imitate keyboard commands with the voice command “Press”“Press Right-Arrow,” for example. You can also imitate mouse actions that click buttons or choose items from a menu with the voice command “Click” — for example, “Click OK,” or “Click File, Save.” (Unfortunately, ...

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