Dragon Professional Individual For Dummies

Book description

Stop typing and get more done with Dragon Professional Individual voice recognition software

Tired of typing, but afraid to take the leap into voice recognition software? No problem! Dragon Professional Individual For Dummies, 5th Edition gives you a great overview of the industry-leading speech recognition software so you can start talking instead of typing in no time at all. With this easy-to-use guide, you'll quickly find out how to use Professional Individual to open documents, write emails and notes, update your Facebook status, and much more. The book includes everything you need to get started, from launching the software and basic dictating to controlling your desktop by voice, and tips for improving accuracy.

Available for both Windows and Mac, Dragon Professional Individual is the gold standard for home and professional voice recognition software. Easy to use and much more efficient than typing, the software can take your productivity to the next level.

  • Get an introduction to everything you'll need to know to get started with Dragon Professional Individual voice recognition software
  • Find out how to access documents, write emails, and even update your Facebook status with nothing more than your voice
  • Includes the most updated information on the latest version of the software
  • Offers information for programmers and developers who want to use the software for mobile app development

Dragon Professional Individual For Dummies, 5th Edition is your go-to resource to get up and running with this great voice recognition software in no time.

Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. Conventions Used in This Book
      3. Foolish Assumptions
      4. Icons Used in This Book
      5. Beyond the Book
      6. Where to Go from Here
    3. Part I: Getting Started with Dragon Professional Individual
      1. Chapter 1: Knowing What to Expect
        1. Clarifying What Dragon Professional Individual Can Do for You
        2. Figuring Out What Dragon Professional Individual Can’t Do
        3. Selecting the Right Dragon Product
        4. Understanding Speech Recognition in Dragon
      2. Chapter 2: Installing Dragon and Starting Basic Training
        1. Installing Dragon Professional Individual on Your Computer
        2. Creating a User Profile
      3. Chapter 3: Launching and Controlling Dragon
        1. Launching Dragon Professional Individual
        2. Choosing or Switching User Profiles
        3. Meeting the Face of Your Dragon Professional Individual Assistant
        4. Why Use the Dragon Professional Individual DragonPad?
        5. Tools and When to Use Them
    4. Part II: Creating Documents and Spreadsheets
      1. Chapter 4: Simply Dictating
        1. Dictating 101: How to Dictate
        2. Distinguishing between Text and Commands
        3. Controlling Your (Cough! Sneeze!) Microphone
        4. Tips for Talking
        5. Punctuating and Capitalizing
        6. Taking Up Space
        7. Entering Different Numbers and Dates
        8. Making Quick Corrections
        9. Tackling Common Dictation Problems
      2. Chapter 5: Selecting, Editing, and Correcting in DragonPad
        1. Moving Around in a Document
        2. Editing by Voice
        3. Fixing Dragon Professional Individual’s Mistakes
      3. Chapter 6: Basic Formatting in Text-Editing Applications
        1. Knowing the Short Formatting Commands
        2. Left, Right, and Center: Getting into Alignment
        3. Using Bullets and Numbered Lists
        4. Changing Font
        5. Understanding Smart Formatting
      4. Chapter 7: Proofreading and Listening to Your Text
        1. Using Voice Commands for Playback
        2. Proofreading and Correcting with Playback
        3. Using the Text-to-Speech Feature
      5. Chapter 8: Dictating into Other Applications
        1. Finding Levels of Control
        2. Getting Started
        3. Creating Documents with the Dictation Box
        4. Using Full Text Control Applications
        5. Ordering from the Menu
        6. Extending Posts to Facebook and Twitter
      6. Chapter 9: Dipping into Word Processing
        1. Saying the Right Thing
        2. Natural Language Commands for Word
        3. Choosing OpenOffice.org Writer
      7. Chapter 10: Working with Excel
        1. Doing Excel-lent Works with Spreadsheets
        2. Improving Your Vocal Functions
      8. Chapter 11: Using Recorded Speech
        1. Why Record?
        2. Setting Up to Use a Portable Recorder
        3. Recording Your Dictation
        4. Transferring Files from a Digital Recorder
        5. Transcribing Your Recording
        6. Correcting Your Transcription
        7. Transcribing Someone Else’s Voice Recording
    5. Part III: Communicating Online
      1. Chapter 12: Sending and Receiving Email
        1. Creating and Managing Emails
        2. Interacting with Microsoft Outlook
        3. Enhancing Email
      2. Chapter 13: Working the Web
        1. Browsing the Web
        2. Going Places on the Web
        3. Moving around a Web Page
      3. Chapter 14: Dictating the Mobile Way
        1. Dictating with Free Dragon Apps on Apple Mobile Devices
        2. Having Fun with Dragon Go!
        3. Dictating with Android Devices
        4. Considering Dragon Anywhere
    6. Part IV: Working Smarter
      1. Chapter 15: Controlling Your Desktop and Windows by Voice
        1. Ya Wanna Start Something?
        2. Does It Do Windows?
        3. Do Mice Understand English?
        4. Dialoging with a Box
      2. Chapter 16: Speaking More Clearly
        1. Do You Need to Speak Better?
        2. How Do You Do It?
        3. Shouldn’t Dragon Professional Individual Meet You Halfway?
      3. Chapter 17: Additional Training for Accuracy
        1. Using the Accuracy Center
        2. Personalizing Your Vocabulary
        3. Setting Options and Formatting
        4. Adjusting Your Acoustics
        5. Finding or Training Commands
        6. Getting More Information
      4. Chapter 18: Improving Audio Input
        1. Figuring Out Whether You Have an Audio Input Problem
        2. Ensuring a Quiet Environment
      5. Chapter 19: Having Multiple Computers or Users
        1. Creating and Managing Users
        2. Managing User Files
      6. Chapter 20: Creating Your Own Commands
        1. Creating Commands That Insert Text and Graphics
        2. Introducing the Command Browser
      7. Chapter 21: Getting Help from Your Desktop and Online
        1. Getting Help from the DragonBar
        2. Getting Help from Nuance
        3. Dipping into Product Resources
        4. Enhancing Community
    7. Part V: The Part of Tens
      1. Chapter 22: Ten Common Problems
        1. Dictating but Nothing Happens
        2. Dealing with Incorrect Results
        3. Speaking Commands That Get Typed as Text
        4. Failing to Control Text with Full Text Control
        5. Discovering That Dragon Professional Individual Inserts Extra Little Words
        6. Dealing with Slow Dictation
        7. Uncovering Menu Commands That Don’t Work
        8. Tracking Down Natural Language Commands That Don’t Work
        9. Ascertaining That Undo Doesn’t Undo
        10. Realizing That Start Doesn’t Start
      2. Chapter 23: Ten Time- and Sanity-Saving Tips
        1. Using Hotkeys in Dialog Boxes
        2. Positioning the Microphone the Same Way Every Time
        3. Changing Your Mouse Habits
        4. Drinking with a Straw
        5. Turning Off Automatic Spell Checking in Word Processors
        6. Working on Small Pieces of Large Documents
        7. Using Dictation Shortcuts
        8. Turning the Microphone Off When You Stop Dictating
        9. Selecting or Correcting Longer Phrases
        10. Using the Physical Mouse and Keyboard
      3. Chapter 24: Ten Mistakes to Avoid
        1. Running a Lot of Other Programs and Dragon Professional Individual Simultaneously
        2. Telling Dragon Professional Individual to Shut Down the Computer
        3. Correcting What You Ought to Edit
        4. Editing What You Ought to Correct
        5. Cutting Corners on Training
        6. Forgetting to Run Microphone Check Again When the Environment Changes
        7. Using Somebody Else’s Username
        8. Speaking into the Backside of the Microphone
        9. Creating Shortcuts or Macros That Sound Like Single Common Words
        10. Forgetting to Proofread
      4. Chapter 25: Ten Stupid Dragon Tricks
        1. Dictating “Jabberwocky”
        2. Dictating the Gettysburg Address
        3. Dictating Shakespeare
        4. Dictating Proverbs
        5. Dictating Limericks
        6. Dictating “Mairzy Doats”
        7. Turning Dragon Professional Individual into an Oracle
        8. Singing
        9. Dictating in Foreign Languages
        10. Using Playback to Say Silly or Embarrassing Things
    8. About the Author
    9. Cheat Sheet
    10. Advertisement Page
    11. Connect with Dummies
    12. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Dragon Professional Individual For Dummies
  • Author(s): Stephanie Diamond
  • Release date: January 2016
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119171034