Chapter 1

Knowing What to Expect

In This Chapter

arrow Clarifying what Dragon Professional Individual can do

arrow Figuring out what Dragon Professional Individual can’t do

arrow Selecting the right Dragon product

Voice recognition is used in places like cars, hospitals, and legal offices. Yet, some people are still skeptical about software that enables you to dictate to your computer and get a transcription of what you said. People think it’s very cool, but they secretly wonder if it really works.

It works. (And it is really cool.) Right out of the box, today’s Dragon Professional Individual reports up to 99 percent accuracy. I bet that’s a score you’d like for your own personal output. Well then, read this book and dive right in. You’ll be rewarded with higher productivity and hands-free computing.

Sections of this book were written by dictating them into Dragon Professional Individual. It was a lot of fun, and I predict that you will also find Dragon Professional Individual to be useful and fun — if you approach it with the appropriate expectations.

Clarifying What Dragon Professional Individual Can Do for You

Something about dictating to a computer awakens all kinds of unrealistic expectations ...

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