Chapter 3

Launching and Controlling Dragon

In This Chapter

arrow Launching Dragon Professional Individual

arrow Choosing or switching user profiles

arrow Using the Dragon Professional Individual DragonPad

arrow Customizing options

arrow Understanding the tools and menus

Okay, you’re at the point where you are deciding whether to skip this chapter and jump into dictating or to read this chapter and feel more prepared. Why not take the time to learn how to take control?

In this chapter, I show you the different ways to launch and control Dragon Individual Professional. I also tell you what tools you can use to get better performance and behavior, and where to find those tools. I refer you to other chapters in this book for the details. If Dragon Professional Individual is already up and running and you simply can’t wait any longer, go and dictate! (See Chapter 4.)

Launching Dragon Professional Individual

To get started with Dragon Professional Individual, launch the product in one of the following ways:

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