Chapter 5

Selecting, Editing, and Correcting in DragonPad

In This Chapter

arrow Using voice commands to move the cursor

arrow Selecting text

arrow Inserting and deleting text

arrow Undoing actions after you change your mind

arrow Correcting Dragon Professional Individual mistakes and training it to do better

In my most optimistic moments, I like to imagine that I will write a document (like this chapter) by starting at the beginning and continuing flawlessly to the end. I’ve heard of such miracles, but unfortunately have never experienced one myself. Whether you write your documents by hand, use a keyboard to enter them into a computer, or dictate them to an assistant, from time to time you’re probably going to want to insert new text into the middle of the document, delete some text, rearrange a few paragraphs, and rewrite a sentence here and there.

If you prefer, you can continue using the mouse and keyboard to do this editing, just as if you had never heard of Dragon Professional Individual. In fact, dictating ...

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