Chapter 7

Proofreading and Listening to Your Text

In This Chapter

arrow Using voice commands to play back

arrow Proofreading and correcting with playback

arrow Converting text to speech

On one hand, Dragon Professional Individual never misspells a word. On the other hand, Dragon Professional Individual can make some mistakes by choosing the wrong (if perfectly spelled) word. A person who writes to the bank, “I have trouble paying this year” rather than, “I am double paying this year” is going to have a big problem. No computerized grammar checker or other kind of checker is likely to catch that error. Proofreading is the only answer.

Of course, you don’t need to hear your text in order to proofread it, but in Dragon Professional Individual, you can hear your dictation in one of two ways:

  • Playback of your voice: Dragon Professional Individual records your voice as you dictate and can play it back to help you proofread (not available in the Home edition).
  • Reading the text: You can read what Dragon Professional Individual has generated from your dictation — or of any other text that you bring into the Dragon Professional Individual DragonPad or any other supported application. The Dragon Professional ...

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