Chapter 8

Dictating into Other Applications

In This Chapter

arrow Dictating into any application

arrow Using the Dictation Box for applications

arrow Using Full Text Control applications

arrow Using menus in other applications

You can get quite a bit done just by dictating into the Dragon Professional Individual Dictation Box and then using cut-and-paste techniques to move the text into documents belonging to other applications or by clicking the Transfer button in the Dictation Box. But you haven’t seen the full potential of Dragon Professional Individual until you’ve used it to dictate directly into other applications. At that point, Dragon Professional Individual becomes an essential component of your computer, like the keyboard and the mouse.

In this chapter, I focus on general techniques that you can use with many applications, using the Dictation Box and Full Text Control in the Dragon Professional Individual terminology. I tell you about the interactions you can expect in different sets of applications, plus the details. When you aren’t sure why something is working a certain way, you can turn ...

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