Chapter 11

Using Recorded Speech

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up Dragon Professional Individual for portable recorders

arrow Dictating text and commands on portable recorders

arrow Transcribing voice files

arrow Correcting transcriptions

Thank Alexander Graham Bell. He’s the guy who figured out that you don’t have to be standing there talking to your transcriptionist. Nope. Instead, you can record stuff in the privacy of your own office and hand it off to your transcriptionist later. Of course, in Bell’s day, people had to yell into a big horn and their words were recorded on a wax cylinder. But the idea was a good one: Record now, transcribe later.

The idea was so good that now you can use any number of wonderful gadgets to dictate into while you’re on the go. This chapter deals solely with a voice recorder.

tip If you want to use Dragon Professional Individual with mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android, see Chapter 14.

In this chapter, I explain what you need to know about setting ...

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