Chapter 20

Creating Your Own Commands

In This Chapter

arrow Creating new commands

arrow Editing custom commands

arrow Using the Command Browser

arrow Deleting commands

Dragon Professional Individual is a great productivity tool along with its other virtues. In this chapter, you see how to save time when you compose emails, reports, and other materials. “How?” you ask. Get your Dragon Professional Individual assistant to type all the boilerplate text you normally have to type over and over again!

By working with the Command tools built into the program, you can have your Dragon Professional Individual assistant furiously type in all the text you want by stating a simple command. If everything in life was that simple, you would have time to finish all the great literature you keep promising to read.

In this chapter, I introduce you to the auto-text command feature that makes setting up frequent text in Dragon Professional Individual easier. It also allows you to more easily add variable fields to set up auto-texts that may help you fill out a form in which only the fields change.

Creating Commands That ...

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