Chapter 21

Getting Help from Your Desktop and Online

In This Chapter

arrow Looking for help on the desktop

arrow Calling or sending messages to Nuance Technical Support

arrow Searching for answers on the Nuance website

arrow Finding training on the Nuance website

arrow Using social media to connect with other Dragon users

Every once in a while, you run across a problem that stands far above its colleagues. What to do? You can’t find anything like it in this book or in the Dragon Professional Individual Help files. Even when you bring the problem to your local know-it-all, the one who makes you feel stupid even if you only say hello, he just smiles and says, “No kidding? It does that, huh?”

In other words, you need one-on-one attention from somebody who isn’t just smart in a general way, but who really knows Dragon Professional Individual. Where do you find such people? One obvious place to look is on You can call or send messages to its Technical Support department.

Another place to look is among ...

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