Chapter 2

Gathering What You Need to Get Started

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying your aesthetic preferences

arrow Looking for inspiration in others and yourself

arrow Creating a space for drawing

arrow Using your sketchbook and choosing your other drawing supplies

arrow Getting used to your new drawing supplies with a simple project

When you look at the masterpieces of the art world, you may think that drawing ability is a gift bestowed only on a privileged few, but that’s simply not true. Anyone can learn to draw, which as you’ve probably already guessed, is where this book comes in.

The truth about drawing is that it’s as primal as breathing. Human beings begin to draw as infants, making their first marks before they can even speak. Like talking, drawing is a physical extension of thought. Ideas and senses move from your brain through your arm to your hand and onto the paper as freely as thoughts move through your mouth. Figuring out how to draw realistically is a matter of gaining control over the innate ...

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