Chapter 5

A New Kind of Seeing: Getting Familiar with the Artist’s Perspective

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the roles of your right and left sides of your brain

arrow Identifying exciting drawing subjects in familiar places

arrow Translating your inner vision into art through doodling

arrow Creating a doodle of your own

As you may already know, the world looks totally different when you see it through the eyes of an artist. From an artistic point of view, ordinary objects you’ve seen hundreds of times before suddenly swarm with new angles, lines, and importance. When you adjust your eyes (and brain) to seeing your surroundings in this way, you discover that even the mundane parts of your life are jampacked with subjects just waiting to be drawn.

In this chapter, you have the opportunity to explore and expand your artistic visual abilities so that you can start seeing your world as an artist. So keep your drawing supplies close by and get ready to exercise both your brain and your vision in a whole new way!

Dissecting Your Brain to See Which Side Affects Your Drawing Abilities

Many aspects of your ...

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