/ for Graphic
of Real-World
Technology Conference
In the poster, cata-
logue, and other applications for an
event, geometric, linear constructs
and patterns vibrate together with
geometric text fields, diagrams,
notations, and map elements in a
complex visualization of the digital
realm. Bizu Design Brazil
Promotional Poster
swirling, intricate doodle-like
line forms, representing creative
possibility, attest to the potential
of a newly acquired, high-end
device in this announcement for
a local printer. 344 Design, LLC
United States
Theater Poster
A strangely proportioned
and obsessively detailed pencil drawing
suggest complex psychological narratives
while representing the play title’s metaphor,
Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. TSTO Finland
Event Branding
The architec-
tural, deconstructed letterforms of
a custom typeface, mingled with
intricately collaged and redrawn
illustrations and luminous organic
shapes, create a visual framework
for photography and brand a Finnish
fashion event. TSTO Finland
Exhibition Poster
free-form lines and stylized
quills link writing and illustration
to convey the subject of a juried
exhibit of picture books; grid-based
structure and linear details in the
accompanying typography allude
to notebooks and provide
a contrasting geometry to the
imagerys organicism.
Type.Page [Park Woohyuk] Korea
/ for Graphic
of Real-World
Motion Design
An experimental
typographic animation blends font
styles, nonpictorial forms, and pop-
cultural iconography in a short film
about Japanese export culture, part
of a five-minute subprogram shown
on Japanese television.
Strange Attractors The Netherlands
Cover Design System
enlarged, tightly cropped ornamental
patterns distinguish a series of essays,
each metaphorically representing a
given publication’s content.
Studio Astrid Stavro Spain
Apparel Advertising
by grafti, gaming imagery, and
street culture, an explosion of illus-
trative type forms, sporting goods,
and organic shapes customizes
photography expressing the brand
and associating it with a specific
lifestyle. Alex Trochut Spain
Hotel Branding
Casually elegant,
stylized illustrations of a concierge,
bell hops, and porters add high-brow,
friendly chic to a hotel’s identity program,
anchored by a custom, brush-drawn
logotype. TAXI Canada, Ltd. Canada
Online Branding
The precisely ordered,
geometric custom forms’ strokes of the
logotypetogether with its pattern of
decorative scrollwork—bring the heritage
of industrial-age apothecaries to bear in
a website for organic fragrance products.
Topos Graphics United States
Environmental Design
This collage
of vector-drawn trees, birds, and animals
at differing scales and in neutral colors,
transforms the walls of a health club into
a contemplative, empowering environment
for its members. Jewboy Corp. Israel
Hotel Branding
Stylized ink
drawings accompany philosophical
musings in a promotional booklet
for a “hotel that whispers, advises,
and guides” its visitors. Their
quirky, personal gestures ground
the metaphysical experience.
LoSiento Spain
This calligraphic update
of an existing pharmaceutical
company’s logo humanizes the
organization and links its products
to an ancient heritage of shamanism
and healing arts.
PCD Estudio de Diso Argentina
Hotel Branding (Guest
Amenities) / For a restored
nineteenth-century luxury hotel
on the Italian Riviera the designers
developed a family of patterns
evoking the property’s impressive
gardens; floral translations keep the
language from being overly sweet.

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