Drawing: People with William F. Powell

Book description

Artist William F. Powell invites you into his artistic world as he shows you how to re-create an intriguing array of people in pencil.

Powell explores basic drawing techniques as well as art concepts that apply to drawing people, including proportion, perspective, and composition. He also explains how to render facial features, heads from various angles, and the figure in action, step by step. With this helpful guide, you'll even discover specific tips and tricks for drawing individual body parts, such as eyes, ears, noses, lips, hands, and feet.

This comprehensive how-to-draw book is a valuable addition to any artist's drawing library!

Product information

  • Title: Drawing: People with William F. Powell
  • Author(s): William F. Powell
  • Release date: January 2003
  • Publisher(s): Walter Foster
  • ISBN: 9781610598514