Drawing Urban Design

Book description

Drawing for Urban Design explores a wide range of ways to represent the city, from freehand sketching to sophisticated computer models. Architects and urban planners need to describe cities in the course of their work, be it through maps, diagrams, sketches, computer renderings, or models. This book provides a practical introduction to these techniques for students, while explaining the processes associated with describing and designing urban environments — it is an invaluable visual handbook for representing the contemporary city.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Copyright
  3. Title Page
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
    1. What is drawing?
    2. Drawing the city
    3. About this book
  6. The City in Context
    1. Introduction
    2. Early views of the city
    3. The Renaissance and perspective
    4. Artists and their visions of the city
    5. Scale
    6. Twentieth-century precedents and realized urban ideas
    7. Representing the city in the twentieth century
  7. The City as Object
    1. Introduction
    2. Subject
    3. Drawing
    4. Observational sketching
      1. Step by step: Sketching the Duomo, Florence
      2. Step by step: Observational sketching on the go
      3. Characterization
      4. Step by step: Serial views through a city
    5. Types of drawing
      1. Plan
      2. Section
      3. Axonometric
    6. Digital techniques
    7. Storyboard techniques
      1. Step by step: Dérive
    8. Painting and collage
      1. Step by step: Watercoloring a sketch
  8. The City as Data
    1. Analytical tools
      1. Step by step: Analysis through photos and drawing
      2. Diagrams
      3. Step by step: Massing analysis
      4. Visual notes
      5. Diagram sequences
      6. Step by step: Analyzing a site
      7. Outline and photography
    2. Mapping
      1. Cognitive mapping: perception and knowledge
    3. Figure-ground mapping
      1. Step by step: Creating a figure ground
    4. Conceptual field
    5. Digital techniques
      1. Step by step: Enhancing digital photographs
    6. Models
      1. Materials for modelmaking
      2. Massing models
      3. Process models
      4. Abstract models
      5. CAD modeling
  9. The City Imagined
    1. The image of the city
    2. Presentation drawing
    3. Abstraction
    4. Collage and photomontage
    5. CAD images and modeling
      1. Step by step: Enhancing a three-dimensional model
    6. Physical modeling
      1. Step by step: Making a physical model
  10. Masterplanning Projects
    1. A new quarter for a historic city: David Chipperfield Architects, Art and Technology Quarter, Segovia, Spain
    2. The city of the future: MVRDV, Vison 2030, Almere, The Netherlands
    3. The eco city: MVRDV, Eco City, Logroño Montecorvo, Spain
    4. Rebuilding a community: HOK, Arverne East, Rockaway Peninsula, Queens, New York, USA
    5. The new Asian city: von Gerkan Marg and Partners, Lingang New City, China
    6. Sustainability in an extreme environment: Metropolitan Workshop, Dead Sea Development, Jordan
    7. The virtual CAD image: Zaha Hadid Architects, Kartal–Pendik Masterplan, Istanbul, Turkey
  11. Conclusion
  12. Endmatter
    1. Glossary
    2. Further reading
    3. Useful websites
    4. Note on scales
    5. Index
    6. Picture credits
    7. Acknowledgments

Product information

  • Title: Drawing Urban Design
  • Author(s): Lorraine Farrelly
  • Release date: April 2011
  • Publisher(s): Laurence King
  • ISBN: 9781856697187