If you want to dream big and win, you must be able to grow and to keep growing; maintaining the status quo is never sufficient. Growth allows a company to change and diversify, to remain current, to have the runway to innovate. Growth is key to retaining talented employees and to have the ability to reward them with promotions, perks, and the opportunity for them to expand their own careers.

Growth is everything.

Growth is critical to a company's long‐term success, so in this chapter, we're going to go in‐depth on what we did to build the business from the ground up, and how you can, too.

You Can't Reach a Goal If You Don't Set It

Look around and you'll see talented people everywhere. The world is full of folks who are smart, innovative, creative, and diligent—and many of them know it. Proficient people are often keenly aware of their own ability to shine. However, so many of them fail to make it big, despite their merits, despite their confidence, despite their dreams, despite the fact they're better at what they do than 99 percent of their peers.

What holds these superstars back? What prevents them from meeting their full potential? What's the silver bullet?

Think about your own experiences where the best person didn't go home with the biggest prize. For example, maybe the most pitch‐perfect, technically proficient, ...

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