Everyone knows that one obnoxious person from college, that guy or gal who lived down the hall from us in the dorm. Despite being born on third base, this person perpetually thought they'd hit a home run. No one at the 20‐year reunion is ever surprised by their success because the way was paved for them long ago.

Unfortunately for the trust fund kids of the world, they're never going to learn that the secret to success is as much about what you've overcome as it is about what you've achieved. Sure, most of us would opt for a smooth sail from our first day on the job to our retirement parties, but it's rare not to face choppy waters. Most people don't have the benefit of having been born into privilege. The true pros are those who find a way to navigate dangerous waters and come back stronger than before.

World Piece

Even the biggest and best companies have had to overcome moments of uncertainty or dramatic business shifts. For example, look at the Danish brand LEGO, the iconic maker of those plastic snap‐together blocks that are always seeking out unsuspecting parents' bare feet in the night. Everyone knows LEGOs; it's a household name and one of the most profitable manufacturers in the entire toy industry. In fact, my own son's great love of LEGOs almost kept him out of preschool. On the day of his interview (I know, I know, but it's a New ...

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