I attribute virtually all of my success to having hired great people and then getting out of their way. Employees can make or break your business, so if you want to grow, it's crucial to have the kind of people who'll have your company's back. I'm a firm believer that if you bring in the best people, they will take you to the top.

So let's delve into strategies for determining who can help your organization ascend to the next level.

Patience, Grasshopper

When I was first beginning as an entrepreneur, I didn't know how much I didn't know in regard to hiring. Most of my learning was of the seat‐of‐my‐pants variety and I made many mistakes. While ethics were important to me from day one, I hadn't yet learned what else might be important, because ethical doesn't necessarily mean motivated. There are plenty of fine individuals who are perfectly satisfied with the status quo.

Our first few employees were a comedy of errors, from No‐Touch‐Trash Tamara to Make‐My‐Case Colette. Here's where we went wrong with hiring in the early days. We had burned ourselves out by working so many 100‐hour weeks, trying to get some traction in the industry. We had been successful in landing business, but we were still grinding so hard that we didn't have the effort to put into our hiring process; ...

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