Lesson 4: Styling Your Pages with CSS


Many years ago, creating a beautiful web page required a lot of work, using the limited capabilities of HTML tags. The introduction of Cascading Style Sheets changes the way pages are created, giving designers an extraordinary amount of control over text and page formatting, as well as the ability to freely position content anywhere on a page. In this lesson, you’ll focus on the fundamentals of working with CSS in Dreamweaver.

What you’ll learn in this lesson:

  • An introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Using the CSS Designer panel
  • Creating tag and class styles
  • Styling text and hyperlinks
  • Creating external style sheets

Starting up

Before starting, make sure that your tools and panels are consistent by resetting your workspace. See “Resetting the Dreamweaver workspace” in the Starting up section of this book.

You will work with several files from the dw04lessons folder in this lesson. Make sure that you have loaded the dwlessons folder onto your hard drive from www.digitalclassroombooks.com/epub/dreamweavercc. See “Loading lesson files” in the Starting up section of this book.

Before you begin, you need to create site settings that point to the dw04lessons folder that contains resources you need for these lessons. Go to Site > New Site, or, for details on creating a site, refer to Lesson 2, “Setting Up a New Site.”

What are ...

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