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Dreamweaver CC: The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland, Chris Grover

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The Missing Credits

About the Authors

David Sawyer McFarland is president of Sawyer McFarland Media, Inc., a web development and training company in Portland, Oregon. He’s been building websites since 1995, when he designed his first site, an online magazine for communication professionals. He’s served as the Webmaster at the University of California at Berkeley and the Berkeley Multimedia Research Center, and he has helped build, design, and program numerous websites for clients including Macworld.com, among others.

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In addition to building websites, David is a writer, trainer, and instructor. He’s taught web design at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, the Center for Electronic Art, the Academy of Art College, and the Art Institute of Portland. He currently teaches in the Multimedia Program at Portland State University. He’s written articles about web design for Practical Web Design, Macworld, and CreativePro.com.

David is also the author of CSS: The Missing Manual and JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual.

Chris Grover is a veteran of the San Francisco Bay Area advertising and design community. Chris is the owner of Bolinas Road Creative (www.bolinasroad.com), an agency that helps businesses promote their products and services. Chris has written several books in the Missing Manual series and has produced training videos for video2brain, Educator.com, and Lynda.com.

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Chris welcomes feedback about this book by email at . (If you need technical help, however, please refer to the sources listed in Appendix A.)

About the Creative Team

Peter McKie (editor) has a master’s degree from Boston University’s School of Journalism and lives in New York City. In his spare time, he digitizes archival photos of his summer community. Email: .

Kara Ebrahim (production editor) lives, works, and plays in Cambridge, MA. She loves graphic design and all things outdoors. Email: .

Murray R. Summers (technical reviewer) is an Adobe Certified Dreamweaver Developer and Community Professional. He has co-authored and contributed chapters to several books on Dreamweaver, been the technical editor for the last eight editions of the Dreamweaver Missing Manual, and presented at multiple national conferences. His company, Great Web Sights, has been active in web development since 1998. Murray lives in southern Delaware with his wife, Suzanne. One daughter works at Clemson University and lives in Greenville, SC, and the other is a skilled web developer (carolinawebcreations.biz). His two sons live and work in Virginia Beach.

Danilo Celic, Jr. (technical reviewer) has been using Dreamweaver since version 1.2. In the years since, he has contributed to the Dreamweaver community in a variety of capacities. He has been a co-author, technical editor, and technical reviewer for a shelf full of Dreamweaver- and Web-related books. He loves sharing what he has learned over the years of the inner workings of Dreamweaver and various web technologies. Danilo lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife, Melissa, who patiently forgives the late hours he puts in in front of a glowing screen. Email: .

Carla Spoon (proofreader) is a freelance writer and copyeditor. An avid runner, she works and feeds her tech gadget addiction from her home office in the shadow of Mount Rainier. Email: .

Julie Hawks (indexer) is a teacher and eternal student. She can be found wandering about with a camera in hand. Email: .


Thanks to all those who have helped with this book (and all of my books over the years): my students, colleagues, and the wonderful people at O’Reilly. Thanks to Murray Summers and Danilo Celic for their careful scrutiny and erudite corrections to my writing; thanks also to Peter McKie for making my writing more energetic and clearer.

—Dave McFarland

I’m always amazed at the number of pros it takes to create a book like Dreamweaver CC: The Missing Manual. My thanks go to out to everyone who worked on this book, including the technical reviewers. I also want to thank my wife, Joyce, for her love and support.

—Chris Grover

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