Appendix A. Getting Help

Hard as it may be to believe, even a book as voluminous and detailed as this one may not answer all your questions about Dreamweaver. Fortunately, a wide range of other resources awaits when a particular feature doesn’t work for you.

Getting Help from Dreamweaver

There’s plenty of assistance built right into the program, from beginner tutorials to a complete browser-based help system. You can also access Dreamweaver’s electronic help system and online support center from the Help menu.

Detailed Assistance

In Dreamweaver CS4, Adobe has moved all of its help documents online. There’s no longer a built-in help system. Instead, when you choose Help → Dreamweaver Help (or press the F1 key), your favorite Web browser launches and takes you to a Web-based help system—it’s actually structured just like the old electronic help system and is even searchable. There’s a list of categories such as “Creating Pages with CSS” and “Previewing pages” that you can access to get more detailed information on various aspects of the program.


If you prefer your documentation printed, you can download a PDF of the entire Dreamweaver documentation. Just choose Help → Dreamweaver Help (or press the F1 key) to access the online help documents. In the upper right corner of the page that loads is a PDF icon–click it to download 20 megabytes worth of documentation.

Adobe also has a more interactive version of their oline help system called Community Help (the old LiveDocs system is gone). ...

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