Chapter 7

Working with Text

In This Chapter

  • Creating headlines in Dreamweaver
  • Adding and editing paragraphs
  • Dreamweaver Technique: Entering and Pasting Text
  • Running the spell checker
  • Automating your work with Find and Replace
  • Handling whitespace
  • Bringing Office documents online
  • Using special text formats
  • Working with CSS styles
  • Changing fonts, font size, and font color in CSS
  • Integrating web fonts
  • Formatting dates
  • Inserting HTML comments

If content is king on the web, then certainly style is queen; together they rule hand in hand. Entering, editing, and formatting text on a web page is a major part of a webmaster’s job. Dreamweaver gives you the tools to make the task as clear-cut as possible. From headlines to comments, this chapter covers the essentials of working with basic text; inserting and formatting dynamic data are covered in Chapter 19.

When the web first came online, web designers didn’t have many options for manipulating text. However, the majority of browsers now understand a number of text-related commands, and the designer can specify the font and its color and size through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Moreover, Dreamweaver includes a range of text-manipulation tools. All these topics are covered in this chapter, along with details on working with text from other sources, such as Microsoft Office applications, including Word and Excel.

Starting with Headings

Text in HTML is primarily composed of headings and paragraphs. Headings separate and introduce major sections ...

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