Chapter 35

Creating Adobe AIR Applications

In This Chapter

  • Understanding AIR
  • Integrating AIR in Dreamweaver
  • Creating HTML and JavaScript applications for AIR
  • Deploying AIR applications

Computing has permeated every aspect of modern life. From checking the weather in the morning with an online service, to buying movie tickets online in the afternoon, to using a restaurant finder application on your mobile device to locate a nearby buffet—and the GPS on your phone to get there—it’s a highly connected world. Adobe AIR was developed to spread the ease of rich Internet applications (RIA) to the desktop, for both the developer and the end user. AIR applications run on any platform—Windows, Mac, and Linux—and can be quickly developed using well-known web technologies, including HTML and JavaScript, or Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex.

Dreamweaver provides an excellent AIR development environment. Developers can prototype their AIR apps in Dreamweaver using HTML and advanced JavaScript, including Ajax frameworks. Once the RIA is ready for testing, it can be previewed right from within Dreamweaver and even packaged, ready to distribute.

This chapter provides an overview of AIR and then explains how to set up the AIR extension to Dreamweaver. Numerous techniques for developing HTML and JavaScript applications are provided, as well as a full explanation of how to use Dreamweaver to package your AIR application for deployment.

About Adobe AIR

If you think of Earth as a very large desktop and ...

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