Edit Menu

The Edit menu lets you make common changes to your documents, like copying and pasting text:

  • Undo. Undoes the most recent change you made to your document. Choose this command repeatedly to step progressively backwards through your changes, even after you save the document. You can take 50 steps back in time, unless you change Dreamweaver’s default in Preferences→General.

  • Redo (Repeat). Restores whatever changes you just made using the Undo command. Selecting Redo multiple times moves you progressively forward through the changes you made. If you just used a command other than Undo, Repeat appears instead of Redo. This property lets you repeat the last action. For example, if you just pressed Delete, the Repeat command presses it again.

  • Cut. Deletes the selected text or objects from a document, and copies them to the invisible Windows or Macintosh Clipboard so you can paste them elsewhere. (The Clipboard holds only one selection at a time.)

  • Copy. Copies the selected text or object to the Clipboard so you can paste it elsewhere—without disturbing the original.

  • Paste. Places the most recent selection from the Clipboard into your document at the insertion point.

  • Paste Special. Opens the Paste Special window, which lets you choose how to paste a Clipboard item into your document. Options range from Text Only for just plain text to increasingly more elaborate options, which force Dreamweaver to attempt to preserve various kinds of formatting, such as styles, bold text, italic text, ...

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