Help Menu

The Help menu offers useful links and reference documents that give you more information about using, troubleshooting, and extending Dreamweaver:

  • Dreamweaver Help. Launches Adobe Community Help in your desktop browser, with the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 reference already selected. Nice. From here, you can even search the Web for more information on using Dreamweaver. Really nice.

  • Business Catalyst Help. Opens a web browser and takes you to the Dreamweaver support section of the Business Catalyst website. You can learn how to use Dreamweaver to build and manage sites built for this Adobe-owned web hosting service.

  • Spry Framework Help. An online reference to working with and programming Spry widgets, like those discussed in Chapter 13. It doesn’t have any information on how to use the Spry tools built into Dreamweaver; instead, it gives programming-oriented web designers who want to jump into Code view more in-depth information on Spry coding itself, and expands on Dreamweaver’s Spry features.

  • Get started with Business Catalyst InContext Editing. As of this writing, this link takes you to a page on that says Adobe is discontinuing the InContext Editing service. D’oh! Presumably, this option will eventually (perhaps even as you read this) take you to a page describing Adobe’s business web-hosting service, Business Catalyst (

  • Reference. Opens the Reference panel, a searchable guide to HTML tags, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript commands. Almost ...

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