Driving Career Results: How to Manage Self-Directed Employee Development

Book Description



  • Complete, easy-to-use Individual Development Planning template for you or your colleagues

  • Hundreds of bite-sized, practical, no cost ways to take charge of your own development

  • Plus Exclusive HR Tips for implementing Self-Directed Employee Development at your company

  • Take control of your career by taking control of your own learning and development! Nobody will do it for you anymore: you have to do it yourself. Start now, and you’ll be miles ahead of everyone who’s still waiting for help!

    Driving Career Results brings together all the tools, ideas, plans, and techniques you’ll need. World-class HR expert Linda Brenner has helped tens of thousands of businesspeople succeed. Now, she helps you assess your personal strengths and opportunities, and then systematically improve in a manageable, practical way.

    Brenner offers expert tips for leveraging strengths and improving development areas in areas such as judgment, problem-solving, creativity, trust, influence, teamwork, planning, business acumen, customer focus, grit, technical savvy, communications, collaboration, integrity, accountability, curiosity, innovation, courage, and more. You’ll learn where to start, what to prioritize, how to commit to a personal plan of action…and how to make it happen!

    Are you waiting around for someone to “develop” you? You may be waiting a long time. Nowadays, you’re in the driver’s seat of your own career, whether you know it or not. Corporations don’t have the time and energy it takes to truly help you learn and improve. It’s all on you.

    Driving Career Results shows you how to drive your own development…simply, effectively, and at virtually no cost.

    Whether you’re targeting a more challenging, higher-paying role or your very first job, this book is for you. (And if you’re an HR leader, this book will help you implement self-directed development in your organization!) Step by step, Linda Brenner helps you:

  • Identify your greatest strengths and most critical areas to improve

  • Build your individual development plan

  • Choose from hundreds of free, bite-sized, media-rich, self-directed development ideas

  • Collaborate more successfully with colleagues and your manager

  • Track your progress in self-development

  • Whatever your career goals are, there’s only one way to get where you want to be: drive your own learning and development!

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    Table of Contents

    1. About This E-Book
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Contents
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. About the Author
    8. 1. The Importance of Driving Your Own Development
      1. Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Directed Development
        1. How This Book Is Organized
      2. Assess Yourself
        1. Before You Begin
      3. Definitions of Behaviors
      4. Conclusion
    9. 2. Competency: Demonstrates Thinking and Judgment
      1. Overview of Competency
        1. Behavior 1: Is a Problem Solver
        2. Behavior 2: Embraces and Applies Creativity
        3. Behavior 3: Makes Objective Decisions
        4. Behavior 4: Finds, Creates, and Leverages Data
        5. Behavior 5: Takes Calculated Risks
    10. 3. Competency: Engages and Develops People
      1. Overview of Competency
        1. Behavior 1: Builds Trusted Relationships
        2. Behavior 2: Influences Others
        3. Behavior 3: Promotes Teamwork
    11. 4. Competency: Delivers Results
      1. Overview of Competency
        1. Behavior 1: Demonstrates Business Acumen
        2. Behavior 2: Champions Customer Focus
        3. Behavior 3: Plans and Organizes
        4. Behavior 4: Sets and Drives Priorities
        5. Behavior 5: Overcomes Obstacles
        6. Behavior 6: Demonstrates Technological Savvy
    12. 5. Competency: Communicates Effectively
      1. Overview of Competency
        1. Behavior 1: Writes Effectively
        2. Behavior 2: Tailors Interpersonal Approach
        3. Behavior 3: Shares Information
        4. Behavior 4: Develops and Delivers Compelling Presentations
        5. Behavior 5: Collaborates Across Boundaries
        6. Behavior 6: Adopts a Cross-Cultural Mindset
    13. 6. Competency: Demonstrates Personal Excellence
      1. Overview of Competency
        1. Behavior 1: Demonstrates Integrity
        2. Behavior 2: Relishes Accountability
        3. Behavior 3: Exhibits Intellectual Curiosity
        4. Behavior 4: Develops Self
    14. 7. Development Library for Leaders
      1. Introduction
        1. Behavior 1: Challenges Norms Appropriately
        2. Behavior 2: Manages Courageously
        3. Behavior 3: Navigates Ambiguity
        4. Behavior 4: Creates a Culture of Innovation
        5. Behavior 5: Motivates Others
        6. Behavior 6: Selects Talent
        7. Behavior 7: Develops Others
    15. 8. Commit to a Plan of Action
      1. Individual Development Plan Example
      2. Best Practices for Development Planning
    16. 9. For HR Leaders Only: Tips for Implementing Self-Directed Employee Development
      1. Identify the Need for Change
        1. Identify Key Stakeholders
        2. Gain Agreement on the Objective
        3. Confirm Scope and Goals
        4. Get Approval to Move Forward
        5. Develop or Identify Tools and Technology
        6. Identify Pilot Participants
        7. Develop Communications and Training Materials
        8. Implement the Pilot
      2. Track Adoption and Results
      3. Expand More Broadly
      4. Conclusion
    17. Index

    Product Information

    • Title: Driving Career Results: How to Manage Self-Directed Employee Development
    • Author(s): Linda Brenner
    • Release date: January 2016
    • Publisher(s): PH Professional Business
    • ISBN: 9780134381794