Toward a Transportation
Policy Agenda for Climate
David Burwell and Daniel Sperling
How might we move forward in reducing greenhouse gases? Participants at
the tenth Biennial Asilomar Conference on Climate Change Policy did not
come to many definitive conclusions. But they did agree that climate change
is an issue of pressing public concern that calls for innovative solutions.
The conference outlined many potential strategies to address this problem
from a wide variety of perspectives, including regulatory and voluntary
approaches; technology-based approaches for both vehicles and fuels; and
market and policy approaches to increase energy supply and reduce con-
sumption. As the public becomes better informed on both the potential
impacts of climate change and the contributing role of transportation in
generating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, many of these strategies, alone
or in combination, will help define strategic remediation plans to protect
the global climate.
Opportunities abound. Most transport-related GHG strategies are syn-
ergistic with existing policy initiatives; solutions to traffic congestion and
air pollution, and measures to improve transportation efficiency are each
generally consistent with the goal of reducing transportation GHG emis-
sions. International and local initiatives are expanding and will eventually
force a coherent national policy to emerge within the United States and
other nations. The public is demanding corporate responsibility in this area,
and both energy and transportation companies are responding with their
own roadmaps and narratives.
This chapter is intended as a synthesis of the various conference pre-
sentations and of the issues raised during conference discussions. Data and
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