Chapter 3. Phone Calls

The Droid 2 does so many nifty things that it’s easy to forget that it’s a phone as well. No matter how many amazing things this device can do, though, it’s still at heart a telephone. True, it’s a very, very smart one, but it’s still designed to do a good job at what phones are supposed to do—making phone calls. Of course, there’s a lot of Droid 2 magic to handling phone calls—including advanced features like Visual Voicemail and Call Waiting—and that’s what you’ll learn in this chapter.

Once you see by the bars in the Droid 2’s upper-right corner that you’ve got cellular reception, you’re ready to make calls. You can place a call in any of four ways. Don’t be daunted by the variety—all methods are easy, including a “Look, Ma, no hands” approach to calls that lets you call someone by talking into the phone rather than by using your fingers to tap keys.

Placing a Phone Call

The Droid 2’s Phone App is Command Central for making phone calls. On the Home screen, tap the phone icon (at lower-left). The Phone app opens, with four buttons at the top, representing the four ways you can make a call:

image with no caption
image with no caption
  • Dialer. As the name says, here’s where to go when you want to dial the phone. You’ll be pleased to see that the virtual buttons on the dialer are a whole lot bigger and easier ...

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