Chapter 10. Email, Gmail, Facebook, and the Universal Inbox

You want email? You’ve got email. The Droid 2 does a great job of handling whatever email task you throw at it. Want to send and receive attachments like pictures; Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files; and PDFs? The Droid 2 can do that. How about working with just about any email service out there? It can do that, too. You can also manage your mail, sync your mail, and plenty more right on your phone. It’s a great way to have your email always in your pocket.

This chapter shows you how to get the most out of email on the Droid 2. And since more and more people use Facebook in addition to email, or even instead of email, as a way to communicate with friends, business associates, and family, it covers the Droid 2’s built-in Facebook app as well.

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Understanding Email on the Droid 2

The Droid 2 runs on Google’s Android operating system, so it comes as no surprise that its main built-in email app is for Gmail. You don’t have to use Gmail if you don’t want to, though; you can use your current email service instead. Or you can use both.

Gmail on the Droid 2 works a bit differently from other email services, so this chapter covers both methods. The Droid 2 also has a unified inbox, which shows all your email in one place. You can read, respond to, create, and manage all your email from one single location—no need to keep switching among ...

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