Chapter 15. Settings

Right out of the box, the Droid 2 is set up for you and ready to go. But what if you want to change the way it notifies you there’s a call, finetune the way its location services work, or alter its music setup? You turn to this chapter, which describes all its settings, and explains what they do for you. To get to the Settings screen, press the Menu key when you’re on the Home screen or a pane. From there, scroll to the setting you want to change and tap it. Head into the chapter for the complete list and advice.

Wireless & Networks

Here’s where you’ll find all the settings for how the Droid 2 handles Wi-Fi, wireless, and network access:

Airplane Mode

When Airplane mode is turned on, all your wireless radios are turned off, as airlines require during parts of the flight. But you can still use all your Droid 2 apps in this mode.

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Increasingly, airplanes offer Wi-Fi access, so you may not need to use Airplane mode during the entire flight. You can turn off all your radios using Airplane mode, but then turn on Wi-Fi, so you can connect to the airplane’s Wi-Fi hotspot while you’re in the air (usually at a price).


Tap to turn Wi-Fi on and off. (You can also turn Wi-Fi on and off from the Power Control widget in the Settings pane. See How the Droid 2 Gets Online for details.)

Wi-Fi Settings

Tap to manage your Wi-Fi connections, including connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots, ...

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