This handy little widget shows you the current weather for your city, or for any other major city in the world (and many minor ones, too). You can also get a four-day weather forecast.

Just flick over to the Settings pane, and the widget is at center stage. It gives a quick summary of the current temperature, the projected high and low for the day, and whether it’s sunny, cloudy, raining, or snowing.

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The first time you use the Weather widget, it most likely won’t show the weather for your current city. It may show a different location instead. With a few taps, though, you can change that:

  1. Tap the Weather widget. It shows the current weather, and the forecast for the next four days.

  2. Press the Menu key, and then tap Settings. The widget displays the city for which it’s currently showing the weather. Tap the – button to delete that location if you don’t want to use it.

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  3. Tap the green + button to adds a new location. From the screen that appears, type the city name or Zip code of the city, and tap the Search button. The Droid X finds the city and add it to your list of cities. Tap Done. The widget now displays the weather for your current city. You can add multiple cities this way.


You would expect that because the Droid X has the ability to find your current location, it would automatically ...

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