The Address Bar

The address bar is the box at the top of the browser where you type the URL of the website you want to visit. Just to the right of it are either one or two buttons (and sometimes three), depending on the web page you’re visiting:

  • RSS Button . This button appears when a site includes an RSS feed, as described earlier in this chapter. See the section on RSS feeds on Getting the Facts with RSS for more details.

  • Favorites . Lets you add a Favorite to your Favorites list.

  • Stop . When a page is loading, this button appears so you can stop the page from loading.

When you type an address and head to a page, a small bar above the address bar shows you the status—how much of the page has loaded (the red part), and how much is left to go (the gray part).

image with no caption


The bar indicating your page’s loading status is only an approximation, so don’t take it for the absolute truth.

Typing an Address

To type a URL into the address bar, first tap the bar. The current URL will be highlighted in orange. Then use the keyboard to type an address. As you type, the Droid X displays sites you’ve visited that match ...

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