Appendix B. Accessories

There are plenty of accessories you can buy to get more out of your Droid X2—for example, to protect its case or screen, connect it to a car charger, and more. In this appendix, you’ll get the rundown on what types of accessories are available, and a sampling of where to buy.

Useful Accessories

If you enjoy tricking out your car or accessorizing your outfits to the max, there’s plenty of Droid X2 bling out there for you to find. If, however, you’re in the market for something useful, consider the following:

  • Cases. Cases protect the Droid X2 against damage—when you drop it, for example. You’ll find plenty of kinds of cases to choose from, depending on your style preferences, budget, and needs. You’ll find hard protective cases, rubberized protective cases, holsters with belt clips, and more.

  • Screen protectors. These thin sheets of plastic safeguard your Droid X2’s glass screen, greatly reducing the risk of scratches. They’re thin enough so that you won’t notice they’re there.

  • Car chargers. Plug one end into your Droid X2, and the other into your 12-volt power oulet, and you can charge your Droid X2 while you’re on the go.

  • HDMI cable. Connect an HDMI cable from your Droid X2 to a TV, and watch HD video from your Droid X2 on the TV’s big screen.

  • Multimedia Docking Station. Turn your Droid X2 horizontally and put it into the docking station, and you can watch video, use it as a digital picture frame, and so on. You can also connect an HDMI cable from it to a TV.

  • Chargers ...

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