Chapter 15

Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do with Your Drone

In This Chapter

arrow Flying your drone safely

arrow Respecting your neighbors’ privacy

arrow Avoiding no-fly zones

arrow Minding the law

Although drones have been around for quite some time, the latest innovations in the technology have revolutionized how the world views unmanned, remotely piloted aerial vehicles. Remote controlled flying is no longer for model nerds (no offense if you are a model aircraft nerd). It is slowly making its way into pop culture. In fact, I can probably get my 12-year-old niece, Claire, to fly a drone and think it’s the coolest thing since selfies and Instagram. As drone technology continues to evolve, aircraft will fly longer, farther, faster, and more autonomously. Popularity will drive this forward at increasing faster speeds and like all new technology that catapults itself into the mainstream, there needs to be a user manual for common sense.

Remember when Google Glass was all the rage? There were a lot of Jordy LaForge lookalikes “exploring” places like the bathroom, the I-405 from the driver’s seat, Sunday Mass, and ...

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