Welcome to the second edition of Drupal For Dummies, a book written especially for people who want to have their own websites but haven't a clue about how to start or where to begin.

Are you frustrated because the kid next door has five websites to your none? Are you tired of trying to find someone to build your site for you for free? Do you hear stories about how much a website has picked up your dentist's business? You need Drupal!

Or maybe you already have a website, but you have one problem: The guy who built it isn't around to help when things break. And he built it in Javanese HRH or some other gibberish you can't even remember the name of, much less decipher. Makes you want to scream.

Either way, you've found the right book. Help is here, within these humble pages.

This book talks about building a website from scratch, using Drupal — in everyday language. It doesn't assume you know how to create web pages. You don't need to know code, either; in fact, you can create your site without writing a single line of computer code. The language is friendly; you don't need a graduate education to get through it. The goal is to show you how to build your own site with the features you want, without coding, without deciphering technical jargon, and without pulling a single hair from your head in frustration.

About This Book

There are a couple of ways to use this book, depending on your preferences and experience.

If you're a content management, website, or Drupal newbie, ...

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