Chapter 6

Managing Your Content

In This Chapter

  • Controlling HTML in your content
  • Controlling revision information
  • Managing comments
  • Modifying authoring information
  • Choosing publishing options
  • Including images in your pages

Drupal offers you a number of options that allow you to customize the appearance of your content. This chapter shows you how to leverage Drupal's options to refine your content further. You see how to include HTML code, images, and even Flash movies in your posts. Also, we discuss the comment system and how to control the appearance and behavior of comments. We also show you how to temporarily hide posts while you continue to work on them and how to control who can see them when they are published. Along the way, we offer information about a few other optional tweaks to the presentation of your content that Drupal gives you. There's a lot of good stuff in this chapter to help you fine-tune your nodes.

image The tweaks and settings discussed in this chapter apply to both basic pages and articles. They also apply to other node types, including polls, blog posts, and forum posts (discussed in Chapter 9).

Finding the Settings

Most of the settings we discuss in this chapter are located on the form used to create or edit content. You access them by clicking the links under the large Body text box (see Figure 6-1).

Figure 6-1: Content editing page, with option links ...

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