Chapter 13

Using Drupal Gardens

In This Chapter

  • Walking through Drupal Gardens
  • Creating an account
  • Building a site with Theme Builder
  • Managing your site's users

If you've found yourself stumbling through Drupal, still unsure whether it's for you, Drupal Gardens may be exactly what you're looking for. Drupal Gardens is a commercial website where you can find Drupal preinstalled for you, great documentation, and nifty features that make building and customizing a site incredibly easy. You don't need to deal with web hosting companies, file managers, or MySQL databases. It's all done for you. In fact, this chapter takes you from setting up your account to having a complete website online and ready for visitors in just an hour or two.

And the best thing is that most of what you learn about Drupal in this book still applies to Drupal Gardens sites. The same administration menu and the same controls we discuss in this book work on Drupal Gardens.

Ready? Get set! Go build an entire Drupal Gardens site, from start to finish, in record time.

Getting a Drupal Gardens Account

A basic Drupal Gardens website is free, and with one, you can follow along in this chapter to create a complete site. We show you how to set up an account here. Also in this section, we discuss the other options available to you if you need a big site and if you want your own domain name. We start by showing you how to sign up for a free site.

Creating a free site

Signing up for a site is easy:

  1. Browse to ...

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