Chapter 16

Ten Must-Have Drupal Modules and Themes

In This Chapter

  • Finding useful modules
  • Gathering lovely themes

Drupal sites can be extended with hundreds of additional modules available for free download. In this chapter, we point out five that'll help you make your Drupal site even more usable and inviting to your users than it already is. We also provide you with a peek at five awesome free themes available from to help you personalize your website.


If you plan on rocking a site with an active forum or open account registrations, you will want to download the CAPTCHA module sooner than later. CAPTCHA (Completely Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) provides a random question to site visitors that they must answer to prove they're humans. CAPTCHA questions come in three basic forms:

  • A small graphic image that contains a printed word. The word in the image has to be typed into a form before a user can complete some action on a site.
  • A basic math question; for example, your visitor has to type in the answer to 10 + 8.
  • A string of text about which the visitor is asked a question; for example, “What is the first word in the phrase ofomom isulul iki udev uquse?”

Using CAPTCHA keeps spammers from being able to use programs to spam your site with lots of fake comments that are actually advertisements for prescription drugs, online casinos, or other questionable services.

While using CAPTCHA is a good idea, it doesn't stop ...

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