Crafting the Film Look with Cinema Lenses

A Day at the Races (2010), directed by Philip Bloom, United States, 6:00 min.

Technical data: Shot on a Canon 7D with PL Mount in a neutral picture style with Cooke S4 25 mm and 100 mm lenses and a Tokina 11–16 mm lens. Audio was recorded on a Zoom H4n with a Rode shotgun mic on a boom. The 7D was also modified with a 6 × 6 Mattebox and 0.9, 0.6, and 0.2 ND filters. Edited with Final Cut Pro. Color grading with Apple Color.

A Day at the Races is located at


FIGURE 10.1 Still from A Day at the toes directed by Philip Bloom, showing off his trademark close-up of ...

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