Crafting the Film Look by Building a Rapport with Characters

16 Teeth: Cumbria’s Last Traditional Rakemakers (2009), directed by Rii Schroer, England, 2:29 min.

FIGURE 9.1 John Rudd, one of Cumbria’s last traditional rakemakers. Rii Schroer profiles John and his son, Graeme, in a short-shot doc on a Canon 5D Mark II.


(© 2009 Rii Schroer. Used with permission.)

Technical data: Shot on a Canon 5D Mark II (standard picture style) with Canon 24–70 mm/2.8, Canon 50 mm macro. Merlin Steadicam work with Nikon 28 mm and Canon adapter. Background audio recorded on the 5D Mark II, with additional audio recorded on a Marantz PMD660. The work ...

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