Chapter 8

Post Due Diligence and Case Studies

This final chapter deals with the tasks after the formal due diligence process is completed, namely the preparation of the due diligence report, conducting the post-due diligence review, and, if the deal is to go through, conducting the post-deal monitoring process. Although most of the work in the entire process is done during the implementation stage, the post-implementation stage is just as important in ensuring an accurate evaluation of the due diligence results, and a smooth transition from due diligence stage to deal completion and review. For cases in which the due diligence team fail the target company and the deal does not go through, the information leading to this conclusion must also be recorded and managed to serve as learning points for future deals.

In the final sections of this chapter, two cases will also be extensively discussed, through which some of the tools brought up earlier in this book will be employed in the context of these cases, simulating what should or should not have been done in the due diligence processes for these cases.


Prior to beginning the preparation of the due diligence report, all the team members should convene for a meeting to ensure that all tasks drawn up in the due diligence strategy have been completed. The team tallies whatever it has done with the due diligence strategy frameworks used earlier, and it determines if there is any missing information. ...

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