10Codes for Durability Design

The requirements for durability in design codes, if properly specified with respect to the environmental actions, structural service conditions, and raw materials, can efficiently promote the durability of concrete structures through the design procedure. Nowadays, the design codes for concrete structures provide the design basis and the requirements for different environmental exposures. This chapter gives a review on the requirements of durability from several design codes in use, and particularly the design code of GB/T 50476 (CNS, 2008). This chapter starts with a state‐of‐the‐art review on the durability requirements from different design codes, including ACI‐318 (ACI, 2011), Eurocode (CEN, 2000, 2004), JSCE code (JSCE, 2010) and China codes (CCES, 2005; CNS, 2008). These codes specify the durability requirements from different aspects, and the specification from Eurocode is more systematic. The design code GB/T 50476, the first durability design code for concrete structures in China, is then reviewed comprehensively for its technical background and context, the design basis, design methods, and durability requirements, as well as the underlying reasoning behind these requirements.

10.1 Codes and Standards: State of the Art

10.1.1 Eurocode

Eurocodes are a set of technical specifications issue from the European Committee for Standardisation for the structural design of construction works in the European Union. Eurocodes prescribe the ...

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