Where Does It All Go?

Your opus is complete. Where can it go? DV Tape, Analog Tape, Web, QuickTime, Windows Media, Real Player, CD, DVD, Film, Festivals and Theatrical Release.

The fastest way to release your DVCAM project is to eject it from the camera and hand it over to the police officer who is towering above you and inquiring why you are working without a permit on private property in full view of the “No Trespassing” signs.

The next higher level of distribution is copying it to another tape. Using a direct FireWire connection from one camcorder or deck to another, your tape can be “cloned” onto another tape. Analog audio and video outputs or S-Video connections let you copy your DVCAM to non-digital tapes, such as VHS, 3/4", Betacam SP ...

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