CHAPTER 6: Equipment


To express it in basic terms, photography can’t happen without equipment, and the art of photography comes down to the quality of your equipment. True, if you have the eye and are good at composition, you can create a great photograph by using your camera phone, but when shooting at the professional level, it’s a different ball game, altogether. Having the appropriate, high-quality equipment can make all the difference in whether you get that big job.

I’m not evangelical about one brand over another, and I won’t go into that here to any great depth. However, you will hear arguments for both sides, and you will need to decide on your own what works best for you and with what equipment you’re most comfortable. I will list out the brands I use, but by all means, this is not meant to lessen the competitors for each device. You will just eventually find what you like best, and I only recommend spending your money wisely. What I will also always urge is that you buy the best equipment that you can afford. Photography is not a cheap profession by any means, and you will find yourself constantly upgrading and replacing equipment. So, start out with the basics and when you can afford better, then do so, because it will only make your photography the better for having done so. I’m also an advocate for getting the shot by using the best equipment you can afford ...

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